, is a company that has been focused for more than 30 years on providing solutions to our clients in 5 main areas:

  • Auditing

  • Taxes

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  •  Foreign Trade

  • New Business Development

These comprehensive professional services that are available, are intended to cover all the aspects required within a company, for each of the areas to ensure the proper functioning and enforcement in all its aspects.
One issue that no company should be neglected is the fiscal aspect, area should be adequately meeting its obligations to guarantee the good operations of the business.
Zaldivar Consulting is a firm of professionals that provides services such as taxes auditing, tax, accounting, consulting business, social security, and develops new businesses.

, is an accounting firm founded in 2003, with the main objective of providing accounting-taxes solutions.

Subsequently, and according to the needs of our clients were included in the portfolio of services audits tax, fiscal, financial consultancy and advice in the area of foreign trade.

We assist our clients in planning the information needs of their organizations, and determine how best to identify, assemble, analyze and manage the data required to meet those needs. The external environment contains much useful information, but the key information is generated inside a business, as a by-product of its operations. We identify that data and show how it can be used by executives. We can develop and install systems that aid in functions ranging from purchasing and inventory control to human resource development. Management advisory requires an understanding of the dynamics of a business situation, an analytical approach to problems and issues, and the creativity to develop the most effective solutions and recommendations for our clients.